Oct. 1, 2021

Pisces A Lovely Sight

 Pisces's A Lovely Sight  not a long-lost but an unreleased gem seems to come out of nowhere. And that's because it does. Consisting of a core duo of Rockford, IL townies with a studio and a few tricks up theirs sleeves, Pisces were an ambitious project spearheaded by ordinary folks that never quite saw the light of day. It's no surprise than that A Lovely Sight sounds like little else from the time period. Minimal, almost sing song melodies are basted in reverb and garnished with experimental, on-the-fly recording innovations, some born of necessily, others of trial and error sounds are played backwards and broken instruments are employed to hallucinogenic effect. Seventeen year old Linda Bruner, a strange girl from down the way (and nowadays, as everyone knows, on the run from the law).Sings on four tracks, and her haunting voice, when it appears, complements perfectly her band-mates' skewed pop creations. A record all the more fascinating because of the drab setting in which its creators worked. A Lovely Sight is a natural addition to the Numero collection. (Numero Group).

Billie Nash


Linda Bruner